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Hybrid Mail

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Client requirement/need

Darlington Building Society were seeking a more time and cost efficient solution for their offline communication needs.

Our solution

At MetroMail we were able to offer Darlington Building Society our Hybrid Mail solution. This ‘lights-out’ operation means that Darlington Building Society now draft their letters and, instead of pressing print on their office printer, they print via MetroMail. We receive the file through an online portal and print, fulfil and enclose the desired letters, ensuring they receive the maximum postage discount. On average, this saves the client approximately 40% per letter.

In addition, Darlington Building Society can take full advantage of our extensive range of services and equipment within our 140,000 sq. ft. facility. Our Transactional department is ideal for any highly confidential jobs that need to be printed and packed. This process ensures that there are no ‘spoils’; any documents that don’t process properly are automatically recreated. All of these machines have camera-matching technology as well, so we can be sure that every document is accounted for and is in the correct envelope. This information is reported in real time and can be fed back to the client on request.

At MetroMail, we have an Intelligent Letter Sortation Machine which means we can pre-sort low volume mail prior to it entering the postal service. This unique asset provides clients with an even better postal rate.

In addition, we can print both digital and lithographic processes in house, therefore, Darlington Building Society know that we have the ability to produce direct mail campaigns for them in the future, should they require this service.

What we used to do it

  • Hybrid Mail
  • Print
  • Envelope Enclosing
  • Intelligent letter sortation

Client Testimonial

Over the time we have worked with MetroMail we have experienced great customer service and solutions to our mailing needs. Hybrid Mail has saved us a lot of time and there has been a significant cost saving. In addition, we know we have a reliable mailing house to utilise for any other mailing requirements.