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Delivering your message - it's what we do.

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Though 2020 has brought a lot of unexpected change, it has provided us with the opportunity to refresh the MetroMail brand!

It’s a significant day for MetroMail, we’re thrilled to unveil our refreshed logo and brand-new company brochure. This updated brand identity is stage one in our company’s evolution as we look to expand our communications services and embrace the digital world.

Our new brochure includes all of our latest products and services, including paperwrap and one-piece mailers. Whether you’re looking for more insight on targeting mailings or you’re looking to reduce costs, we have the solution for you here at MetroMail. You can request a copy (and free gift!) here.

As 2020 has brought about much change and highlighted the importance of staying connected with one another, we realised it was time to re-examine our branding and show our clients we are committed to delivering their message. With over 30 years in business, we want to continue evolving the MetroMail brand and remain current to the market. Mail will remain a focus within our brand and our experienced team will continue to support your mailing needs, while delivering new innovative communications solutions that support a “digital first” world.

For us, the rebrand is a good opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to offering communications solutions that work to support our clients’ marketing strategies. We know just how important communicating and engaging with your audience is, especially during the pandemic. Recent research has shown that physical mail has been a particularly effective channel in these unsettling times, 96% of all mail was engaged with – the biggest rise among people aged 18 to 34.

While 2020 has brought a lot of uncertainty, we’re happy to be ending it on a positive note as we look to roll-out the new branding company-wide.


Don’t forget to grab a copy of your brochure today!