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Need some inspiration for your next mail campaign? Or considering doing your first campaign and unsure what options are available? Don't worry. We have put together a selection of formats, shapes, sizes and designs to spark some creative thinking. If you'd like a bit more help, contact us today and we'd be happy to make your ideas a reality.



12pp one-piece mailer

Litho printed then folded, glued and address inkjetted inline.

N Brown Group


Postcards are a great way of communicating a visual, high impact message.


Letter with membership card affixed

Full colour inkjet printed letter with card selectively matched.

Freeman Grattan Holdings

Full colour envelopes

Using coloured envelopes can help to improve brand awareness by up to 80% (Xerox, 2017).

Freeman Grattan Holdings

Birthday cards

Build loyalty with your customers by recognising their birthday and offering them a special discount or incentive.


Various shapes, sizes and formats

One-piece mailers are very versatile and stand out against more traditional mailers.



2pp one-piece mailer with flap

Another idea for a highly visual one-piece mailer.


8pp roll fold

A multi-channel campaign utilising one-piece mailers.

Consumer Refund Service

A4 letter enclosed into an envelope

Sometimes the old ways are the best! Direct mail allowed Consumer Refund Service to grow their business by 100% in the first 18 months!



Personalised, generic, A4, A5, landscape or portrait - booklets are a great way to communicate information or advertise products and services.


Transactional letter

Printed using inkjet technology, meaning every page is bespoke and completely tailored to the individual recipient. Special offers, quote renewals and account information can be printed with 100% integrity.


Membership cards affixed to full colour letter

Selectively matched ensuring that a customer can never receive the wrong card or letter.


Cruise Control

6pp roll fold

An alternative to a costly holiday brochure, using data insights to only send holidays the recipient will be interested in.


Full colour, soft-touch laminate brochure with A4 cover letter

The campaign screams quality, as a result it gained 250% ROI for each campaign.


4pp personalised one-piece mailer

The Welcome Home concept lands on customers door matt on the day they return home from holiday encouraging them to rebook at a time when they want to go back on holiday the most.


4pp roll fold

The cart abandonment concept focuses on data captured on Titan's website, whereby users have viewed holidays - some even putting them in their baskets, but then not completing their purchase. They wanted to re-target these potential customers and incentive them to return and complete their booking.


Polywrapped brochures

Using our white paper solution, Saga went from 35 cells to 20 cells using fully variable images and personalisation. This is then polywrapped for a highly visual effect.