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The PCP Better Health at Work Award encourages businesses to do more for employee’s health by guiding them through bronze, silver, gold and continuing excellence awards.

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MetroMail, a Seaham based mailing house, is currently working towards their ‘Continuing Excellence Award’. One of their main campaigns is based around mental health, offering support and guidance for their employees.

Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year.1

Mental health spending is being cut by £4.5m in five English regions this year.2

Hence there is a greater need for health and wellbeing support in the workplace than ever before.

After conducting research into mental health the direct mailing specialist have invested a considerable amount into the refurbishment of their staff canteen. The aim is to make it a more relaxing and enjoyable environment. This innovative approach is backed up by many other efforts such as: Staff training, awareness days, recognition awards schemes, free health checks, subsidised masseuse and podiatrist as well as a ‘be supported programme’ offering free support on health, home, money matters and much more.

The theme of the canteen has been carefully planned to suit everyone’s needs and have maximum effect. ‘Bringing the outside in’ has positive connotations, the natural tones and relaxing environment offer various zones for staff to enjoy.

The new canteen will feature a games zone, soft seating area, quiet zone, traditional canteen area and fun picnic area. This allows staff to sit somewhere that suits their mood.

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