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Do you know the value of mail?

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There are many mail solutions that Retail companies can use to help meet their marketing and sales objectives.

Branded Envelopes

Adding a design to the outside of your envelope makes it more aesthetically pleasing and can increase open rates by grabbing the customers attention.

N Brown Group used branded envelopes to help promote their rebrand and raise awareness of special promotions they run.

50 plus branded envelope

50 plus branded envelopes

Folding Techniques

There are various folds that can help make your mailing more appealing. Some examples are: Roll folds, Concertina folds & Standard gate folds.

The AA used a roll fold to promote their new Car Genie technology.

AA leaflet

Different Finishes

Various finishes can help make a mailing appear more attractive through different textures, such as: soft touch or eye catching reflective effects. 

‘People value something they can see and touch 24% more highly than something they can only see’ (Royal Mail MarketReach 2015: 04).

MetroMail laminated materials

One Piece Mailers

Postcards or mailings that are sealed on all sides maximise postage discounts.

Again N Brown Group use one piece mailers as incentives to direct customer to go online and make a purchase. They often include discounts or free delivery based on customers online activity.

N Brown Group one peice mailers

Data-Driven Mail

Add a personalised twist to your campaign adding as many variable fields as you like to increase the chances of your customers finding relevance in your mailing and taking action as a result.

Saga developed a personalised ‘Welcome Home’ mailing for returning customers.

Saga's Welcome Home Campaign


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