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Hybrid mail is a printing solution that has been around since the 1970’s.

However, we’ve only started paying attention to it in the last five years (although, it’s safe to say that is has evolved as a process since then).

The classic definition describes Hybrid Mail as “combining the convenience of digital format with that of printed mail” – creating a flexible solution that also helps people save time and money. It allows companies to securely create, design and send documents in its digital format from their computer, directly to the mailing house of their choice. Once the files are received, it is then printed, packed and posted. All within 48 hours.

» Who Should Use It?

Hybrid Mail is designed to cater for many different types of businesses, from SME’s to national banks. Any company that manages their direct mail on an unstructured, ad-hoc basis should consider out-sourcing to a Hybrid Mail facility. Below is a list of those sectors who would benefit the most from such a service:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Banks
  • Housing Associations
  • Councils
  • Estate Agents
  • The Medical Sector

Although it’s important to note that any company who wishes to use Hybrid Mail, can!

» How To Use It

» The Benefits  

By allowing MetroMail to handle the task of printing and posting your documents, your staff can focus on the important aspects of their jobs, saving them time and boosting productivity. You will also be able to save money! Through no longer needing to spend money on stationary and postage, you could create a cost-reduction of up to 60%. Also, with the introduction of Hybrid Mail, the need for a franking machine is diminished – reducing the overheads created through expensive rental and maintenance costs.

Not only can you reduce costs through using Hybrid Mail, you also help reduce your carbon footprint. As a mailing house, we are strongly aware of our impact on the environment and we have a commitment to decreasing the impact direct mail has on our planet. Our energy-efficient equipment is, on average, 30% more environmentally friendly than the typical office printer, and since we also handle the paper, you will reduce any unnecessary waste when it comes to your stationary.

Alongside our environmental responsibility, we also take information security seriously – with each process in line with our ISO 27001 accreditation. This means that each and every document you send to us on our system adheres to this standard. Security is paramount to us, so our system ensures absolute confidentiality with end-to-end encryption – helping to protect your data from malicious behaviour. We also only keep your data for an agreed period of time, so you can be assured that your information is in the best of hands.

The software itself is quick and easy to use. The Hybrid Mail print driver is installed on your computer, so when it is time to print, selecting us as your printer can be done with a click. You are also able to upload letterheads on to the portal – allowing you to maintain brand consistency on all of your printed documents. This can be accessed through a secure login and can be used by multiple staff members. The portal also gives you full visibility and control over your documents from the moment you send them over to us until it enters the postal stream – this means that you know where your printed materials are in the process.

Not only this, but you can be assured that you receive a high-quality product; from our inks to our envelopes you never have to worry about what the finished product looks like!


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