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Digital Automation is one of the main trends within the print and mailing industry at the moment.

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It is the ideal opportunity to target a warm audience and entice them to purchase a product they have already shown an interest in.

At MetroMail advancements in Data Research and Development allow them to offer clients responsive campaigns across multiple channels.

The Data Team are able to capture relevant data from clients databases to put together a clever, interesting mail piece that will appeal to each customer. This mail piece can be tailored in terms of content, artwork and even format. The team work with the client to develop a specification for their idea, they then determine the process for receiving data and build a bespoke solution to meet their needs. Once this is set up it becomes a ‘lights out’ operation whereby data is received and processed automatically. It is made into a print ready format and scheduled into production based on your specified mail date.

The advantage of sending a physical mail piece rather than an e-mail is the increased level of engagement and impact it has on the customer. ‘Only 48% consider e-mail believable, compared to 87% for physical mail’ (Royal Mail 2017:03). Additionally, Royal Mail found that 70% of respondents feel more valued when they receive physical mail (Royal Mail 2017: 03).  However, MetroMail’s ability to offer e-mail and SMS campaigns combined can lead to a higher impact. Research shows that there are times that e-mail or SMS could work better than mail. E-mail is best for a quick informal message and SMS for an appointment reminder or confirmation. However ‘51% [of customers] prefer companies to use a combination of both mail and e-mail’ (Royal Mail 2014: 33) to communicate with them.

MetroMail have nearly 30 years experience working within the direct mail industry and have made it their mission to provide innovative mailing solutions on behalf of their clients. There Customer Innovations Specialist works with clients to develop eye catching campaigns which will increase their ROI as well as ensuring they achieve their objectives.

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