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In today’s digital age, we are spammed with hundreds of digital advertisements a week – far greater than the amount of postal mail we receive.

As marketers have switched to focus on digital mediums to present their messages, the amount of direct mail people receive has decreased – meaning that what mail they do get is seen and engaged with. What would you remember more? Opening up a letter or opening a new email post? In fact, the Royal Mail discovered that people are 24% more likely to remember something they see and touch compared to just seeing (RoyalMail, 2015).


In this digital era, a direct mail campaign stands out much further than an email campaign, but that’s not all. Since the switch from direct to digital a decade ago, there have been many innovations in the printing industry. One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is the ability to deliver targeted data and track it at every moment of its journey. Now, due to technological advancements, creating personalisation in direct mail has become easier than ever. Using the information you’ve gathered from your own data you can create custom campaigns that appeal to the right audience. This doesn’t just make your customers pay more attention to their mail, but it can also benefit your company in terms of costs; with the ability to tailor catalogues and booklets to your customers, You can minimise the amount of paper used, by creating a mail piece that is highly personalised, only containing information that the receiver will be interested in – not only saving costs but reducing your environmental footprint.


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Another technological advancement that has taken this era by storm is the use of augmented reality. You would never have thought that direct mail and augmented reality could be combined but it’s proven to be a very valuable asset to a marketer’s tool box. It can be applied to any type of mailer and drives deep engagement. Through using it, you create an experience for your customers – one that wouldn’t be forgotten so easily!

However, putting the hard work into creating innovative campaigns means nothing if you cannot track it; thankfully, it’s easier than ever for marketers to do! When you create your campaigns you’re mostly likely to include your URL. However, instead of directing your customers to your main homepage, in its place, create a custom landing page. This means that you can separate which traffic has come from your other media efforts and your direct mail. A custom URL can also be created for each customer, or a group of customers. This is a great opportunity to gather more data since you will be able to understand where your response rates are coming from and which demographic responds best to your marketing efforts. Making your future campaigns even more successful!

So what are you waiting for?

Multi-channel integration can generate you up to a 118% raise in your response rate levels!  In this era, it’s not about choosing one medium over another, it’s about integrating all these different techniques to not only retain your current customers, but also expand your reach.