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We live in an increasingly digital world. In only 60 seconds, the internet sees over 38 million WhatsApp messages sent; 4.3 million YouTube videos watched; and 3.7 million google searches conducted (Desjardins 2018). As a result, it’s no wonder that consumers now have a lower attention span than a goldfish (Madison 2019).

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There is no doubt about it, the digital world is a powerful force and it is growing by the second.

It is now an essential part of our marketing mix and, love it or hate it, businesses need to be utilising these platforms to stay relevant. Currently, there is a temptation to increase automation to make marketers lives easier by limiting the amount of work it takes to send out a campaign. However, we are now approaching an era whereby we have robots that are speaking to robots and blocking marketing messages that we don’t want to see.

Offline marketing may be getting less coverage but it is certainly not obsolete, and it can be a great way to get your message in front of the right audience without it being blocked by a filter. Direct Mail is still the third largest media channel in the UK behind online and TV – £1.8 billion was spent on direct mail in 2018 and it is having an impact. Direct mail can even be automated, it all comes down to the data collected and how you, as a marketer, choose to output it. The campaigns that get the highest response rates are the ones that use multi-channel marketing, so make sure you don’t overlook traditional channels in the future!


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