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Make sure you get the most out of your direct mail campaigns.

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There are many solutions that can be adopted to make your mail stand out. Below is a list of ideas to consider:

Top 10 direct mail tips - N Brown Group one peice mailers

» Ensure your data is correct

Cleansing and enhancing your data ensures your database is accurate. In addition, you aren’t wasting money sending a piece of mail to someone who will never receive it.


  • Every year almost 60 million pieces of direct mail are mis-targeted ¹
  • 1.5 million UK households move each year ¹
  • 500,000 people die each year ¹

» Personalise your mail

Data experts can create variable fields in your database that allow each of the recipients in your mailing list to receive something that is personal to them. These fields could be based on previous purchase behaviour or online activity, therefore your customers could be sent tailored prices, discounts or products that will be of interest to them. Therefore the chance of them completing an action as a result of receiving your mailer increases.

» Choose a format that makes your mail stand out

There are many format options which can be used to communicate your desired message. These include:

  • Various folds such as: roll, gate and concertina fold.
  • Various shapes, items can be die cut into any shape you require.
  • Finishing options. Different laminating methods can be used to create varying textures.
  • Various enclosing options such as: poly, envelope, hand pack or naked mailer.

» Use good quality paper

Depending on your budget there are a vast variety of papers which could be used for your campaign. A good quality paper transfers quality on to your brand.

» Use good quality print

There are different options to suit everyone’s budget, whether you decide to use Litho, Inkjet or Toner. Our experienced Customer Service team can advise which method best suits your needs.

For more information about the print services we offer please visit our Large Scale Printing page.

A good quality print finish can be the difference between a good first impression and a bad one.

» Use a knowledgeable mailing house

Your mailing house can advise on the best options for postage in order to save you money and get you maximum discounts.

» Have clear objectives for the campaign

Have a clear vision of what you would like the outcome of the campaign to be. What action do you want your customer to take as a result of receiving the mail piece? Once you know this you will be able to track whether they have done what you wanted them to, and therefore whether the campaign was a success.


  • 92% of people are driven to online activity as a result of receiving mail ²

» Consider different enclosing options

You could brand the outside of your envelope with a message, enclose into clear or coloured poly for a more visual effect or send as a naked mailer to save on postage.

» Use various finishes

Using a different finish can add to the quality of the mailer. For example soft touch lamination appeals to two of the senses, texture and visual aesthetics.

» Track the success of your campaign

Using the objectives and key performance indicators you have set, you can track the success of your campaign and from there work out your ROI.

For more information about how direct mail can increase your campaign’s ROI see our Destinology case study.

Think we’ve missed something from our top 10 direct mail tips? We’d love to hear from you!



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