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The concept of personalisation lends itself to many mediums but, it particularly compliments direct mail.

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'In today’s uncertain climate, one-to-one communication, such as mail, delivers a much more personal, customised message. In turn this allows Marketeer’s to build brand trust' (Royal Mail 2017:06). Mail has a unique set of qualities that no other media can offer. It is tangible and can take advantage of many innovations such as different textures, shapes and even scents. By using personalisation it increases the impact further, images and content can be fully customised to each one of your clients, creating a campaign which is completely relevant to each person in your database.

Our services are all set up to incorporate personalisation at every stage of your mails journey. Our Data Services department can help you to utilise the data captured in your database. It can be used to create a highly impactful mail piece that will generate a stronger return on investment.

The work that the Data team do is then transferred to print. Work is digitally printed to allow for customisation, meaning a large batch can be printed in one run but every mail piece is completely different.

At this point work is either sent into the post as a one-piece mailer, fulfilled into polywrap or an envelope. Our Inkjet capability on our Polywrap machines allow us to print customer address details onto every mailer. Our Envelope and Polywrap machines also have the ability to selectively enclose inserts, this means if you have multiple inserts you can select which ones go to certain people, this process is fully automated to create bespoke packs.

To find out more about our capabilities and to see how we can help your business utilise personalisation, contact us today.



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