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The festive season is upon us.

Everyone is looking forward to a well-deserved break with family and friends.

However at this time of year people often lose sight of what is really important; health. We become infatuated with over indulgence, and alcohol tends to play a big part. Last week many companies supported alcohol awareness week supplying employees with helpful tips and advice to take on board throughout the festive season. MetroMail, a Seaham based mailing house with over 200 staff were one of the companies who supported the cause.

MD, Chris Pygall believes ‘it is essential to take care of your employees and give them something back’. He goes on to state that ‘employers who make it their responsibility to inform staff how to stay healthy will have a stronger more productive work force’.

Alcohol abuse is a problem ‘the NHS estimates that around 9% of men in the UK and 3% of UK women show signs of alcohol dependence’ (drinkaware no date)1. Hence any efforts to combat the issue before it escalates into a problem are vital.

MetroMail offered advice and tips to employees across the business. They also had a light hearted quiz which helped make the content more engaging, as well as this they sent employees on an alcohol awareness course.
Efforts such as these fit in line with MetroMail’s better health at work scheme. They currently hold a silver award and are working towards a gold in the future. The company promote a healthy lifestyle and strive to make it as easy as possible for their employees to follow. They have free fruit Monday’s, a cycle to work scheme, and weekly weigh in’s and advice provided by the NHS. As well as this the company had their first health roadshow in July which was a great success, they plan to hold more in the new year in order to provide staff with advice and raise awareness of health conditions.

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