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The Rio Olympics are over. 206 countries have competed, uniting nations across the globe. The Olympics have a unique ability to raise awareness of sporting events, increasing interest and participation.

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MetroMail, a Seaham based mailing house, are utilising the excitement surrounding the event to create a healthier working environment for employees. There are various activities planned over the course of the 17 days which fit in line with their Better Health at Work scheme. As part of the scheme employees are encouraged to eat healthily and be more active, staff are offered free fruit as a healthy alternative snack, and get the chance to participate in health based activities. The Cycle to Work scheme also helped encourage a healthy mentality and a more active lifestyle.

Rio 2016

Their latest campaign ‘Walk to Rio’ only enforces the important message that the direct mailing specialists hope to communicate. Staff are encouraged to collectively walk the distance to Rio, showing their support for team GB in the Olympic Games. There are also free weekly weighing classes provided by the NHS, which offers help and support for weight management and diet control.

Furthermore, an Olympic Day was held on the opening ceremony of the Olympics, where staff came to work wearing their sports clothing and were each paired with a country to support. As well as the health benefits these efforts were to try and promote a happier, more enjoyable culture to work within.

MetroMail’s ethos of a people centred approach is testament to the investment they have in their employees, helping them progress and achieve more.

MetroMail’s performance evaluation manager Debbie Charlton stated:

‘The series of events we have organised have successfully engaged staff and made them rethink the way they approach their health and diet.’

‘The Olympics were a great opportunity to unite staff across the business and get them involved in group activities.’

In addition, weekly boxercise classes have been organised. This is a more convenient solution for many staff members, as they can participate straight after work within a familiar environment.