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Our data management services are carried out by our dedicated Data Research and Development team who treat your data as the valuable resource that it is.

As data becomes a more centralised source of business intelligence, data management services become crucial to decision-making and reputation management. It will also help increase your return on investment, improve response rates and reduce mailing costs. Through our ISO 27001 certification, you are assured that your data will be secured to the highest international standard.

We offer our clients:

  • Digital Automation – Digital automation works to centralise data information to eliminate time-consuming manual management. This data management looks after your data in multiple circumstances to help you make better marketing decisions. This information capture is integrated into our secure systems and is added to an automated process flow to ensure that new data is not missed out and outdated data is not misapplied.
  • Data Management – Data management services will help your business to comply with the Data Protection Act throughout the full data lifecycle. As customer data becomes more valuable to the individuals, this security becomes more and more important. Inaccurate data is less valuable than accurate data and when not properly managed and maintained, decays over time. Our management service ensures that your data is always accurate and ready to use, so that your customers can expect the best communications from your brand.
  • De-duplication – Using specialist data techniques, MetroMail’s data management team will eliminate duplicate copies of repeating data, which will save you money as you will not be sending multiple copies to the same person and will not be paying to store copies of the same data. This improves the quality of data held within your customer database.
  • Analysis against industry suppression files, removing gone-aways and amending incorrect address details. By preventing inaccurate mailings, our data management service will improve your customer service and raise your brand perception by ensuring that your mailings only go to the correct and relevant people. This is particularly important when customers are on suppression lists or have moved and will miss out on your communications by having mail sent to them at their old address. This costs you money, but provides no return.
  • Mail sortation utilises Royal Mail and other downstream access providers, through Mailmark® technology, allowing customers to achieve substantial postage cost reductions. Our integration with Royal Mail and downstream access providers means there is no disruption to the use of these services, and maintains access to the status of your mail and third party verification of your address data quality.