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At MetroMail, we provide a range of services to help you to achieve your mail fulfilment needs, including: Polywrap and Envelope enclosing, Plastic Card affixing and Hand Fulfilment.

Polywrap Enclosing – Our mail fulfilment team uses polywrap enclosing to ensure the aesthetics and integrity of your enclosed documents. An address insert can be added into the enclosure or printed onto the item as part of our integrated process.

Envelope Enclosing – This is a high-speed, low-cost mail fulfilment option for mailing campaigns for enclosing a variety of document types such as letters, marketing mailouts, leaflets, brochures and more.

Plastic Card Affixing – Our machines can handle plastic cards of all thickness, size and shape, which takes away the guesswork when selecting your plastic cards.

Hand Fulfilment – For work not suitable for a machine, we offer a hand fulfilment service. This includes adding non-paper items into envelopes and fulfilling boxes and folders.

We can also accommodate folding and card inserts of printed documents.

Our Transactional department is dedicated to producing sensitive items such as bills and statements with 100% integrity. Additionally, our Prep department is an essential part of our operation, acting as a bridge between Print and Fulfilment.

Key facts

  • 5 automated polywrap enclosing machines, capable of enclosing in excess of 800,000 packs per day
  • 8 automated envelope enclosing machines, capable of enclosing in excess of 1 million envelopes per day
  • 5 automated folding machines, capable of folding in excess of 1 million sheets per day.
  • 6 automated guillotines and 1 hand guillotine, capable of cutting in excess of 800,000 sheets per day.
  • We have a variety of integral machines to meet your transactional needs including: 4 x 24 station Pitney Bowes machines, 1 x 9 station Pitney Bowes machine and 1 x Kern card inserting machine. This gives us the capability to pack in excess of 200,000 packs per day on the Pitney Bowes machines and over 22,000 card inserts per day.
  • Our team of hand fulfilment staff can pack anything that a machine can’t, allowing us to offer a totally bespoke, personalised service.