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Hybrid Mail combines the convenience of digital communications with the requirement for printed mail to create a solution that maximises the best of both worlds.

Our clients benefit from the flexibility of Hybrid Mail by sending their documents to us in a digital format and we take care of the rest of the process. Staff create their documents as normal, sending them electronically to MetroMail instead of their office printer.

Our Hybrid Mail service then prints, encloses, fulfils, and pre-sorts your mail before posting it. This saves you up to 60% through reduced production and postal costs.

Hybrid Mail key facts

  • Save money on staff time, stationery and postage – By letting MetroMail handle the task of printing and posting your documents, you save money by having your staff focus on other business-crucial tasks and reduce spending on the physical mail products such as stationery and postage.
  • No need for a franking machine – As you won’t be handling your post, you will no longer need a franking machine which saves your staff time and also expensive rental and maintenance costs.
  • Quick and easy to use – MetroMail’s Hybrid Mail is integrated with your computer systems, so when it comes time to print, you select us as your printer.
  • Full visibility and control – Hybrid Mail comes with guaranteed visibility from the moment you press “Submit” until your letters enter the postal cycle, so you always know where your documents are in the process.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint – Hybrid Mail is more environmentally friendly than printing in your office due to our energy-efficient printing presses.
  • Ensure brand consistency – By saving templates on our system which can be accessed through a secure login, you can ensure brand consistency on your printed materials when used by staff in various locations
  • Reduce time spent handling and posting documents – There is no need for your staff to physically handle the documents, so they can focus on creating the documents and let us handle the rest.
  • End to end encryption means security – MetroMail is ISO 27001 certified for information security management, which means any document that is sent to us on our system adheres to this standard.
  • High-quality print – We use high-quality printing methods, ink, paper, envelopes and card so you don’t have to worry about how the final product looks.

You can read further about Hybrid Mail in this Wikipedia article. Naturally, you are always more than welcome to give us a call or send us a message and we’ll be happy to help you.