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Our mailing house has over 30 years experience in providing mailing services for companies that have bulk mailing service needs.

This includes commercial and advertising mail. We recognise the need for businesses to have flexible solutions for their mailing needs with a focus on reducing their costs. MetroMail’s mailing house will help you optimise your mailing output based on the size of your mail run and the size and weight of your documents.

Mailing in volume will help save you time and money. In addition to sorting solutions, MetroMail provides pick and pack services for your mailing needs.

Key facts

  • Olympus mail sorting machine, capable of sorting over 200,000 letters per day

Our mailing house uses an Olympus mail sorting machine which can handle your large capacity mail runs with the ability to sort over 200,000 letters per day.

  • Efficient sorting into postcode areas

Our sorting machines will sort your post by postcode more efficiently than can be done by hand.

  • Address recognition technology

MetroMail’s mailing house uses a sorting system with address recognition technology which offers increased sorting rates at a lower cost.

  • Read and report tracking for all Mailmark® items

We also use Mailmark ® technology to ensure the best postage prices as well as tracking the items through both our own and Royal Mail’s systems.

  • Small run consolidation

MetroMail’s small run consolidation allows you to combine smaller mail runs into a large run which saves you time and money.