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Versatile, effective, aesthetic mail pieces that support your digital strategy, delivering an uplift in results.

One-Piece Mailers

A one-piece mailer is a proven way to drive customers to your website or prompt a response to your digital messaging, sending out a reactive mail piece to a cart abandonment or website visit will engage with your customers, in a direct and timely way.



Mail has the power to drive a digital response from 70% of customers.

Quick to produce, one-piece mailers are an effective way of getting your message to your target audience and prompting action from your customers. With various folds and formats, one-piece mailers allow you to deliver your message in a new and unique way.

Develop your customer relationships with dynamic, highly personalised mailers targeted to an individual’s interests. At MetroMail, we can help you combine your one-piece mailer with targeted data to get straight to the point and significantly boost response rates.

Short Run Booklets

Short run booklets are another innovative way to complement your digital strategy. Fully personalised, variable to the individual and fast to produce, you can respond quickly to a customer’s wants or needs.

Because we print exactly the run you need, with no stock waste, they are extremely cost-effective, too. The Horizon StitchLiner machine is ideal for short-long run booklets, available in A5, A4, portrait and landscape.

High impact, eye-catching and great quality short run booklets are a great way to inspire your customers and drive sales. 

So, whatever digital campaign you’re planning, talk to our team about enhancing value with DM today.


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