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Communicate personally, professionally & securely with your customers

Whether you’re welcoming a new customer or sending them a confirmation of purchase, invoice, renewal reminder, statement or account update, transactional mail plays an important role in the relationship you have with your customers.

Targeted at individuals – and often containing sensitive information and personal details – it’s vital that your transactional mail is printed and fulfilled in a way that assures you of complete integrity. So your customers are protected and your brand remains trusted.

Making your transactional mail stand out – whether that’s through personalisation, branding or colour – it’s also a big part of ensuring your customer communication is effective, consistent and professional.

Your business can benefit from vast transactional mail experience when you partner with MetroMail:


Our closed loop process offers 100% integrity, by taking exceptional care of your customers’ sensitive information with our secure technology and seamless batch matching. Our ISO27001 accreditation and Cyber Essentials certification are testament to this.


Benefit from bulk discounts with our ILSM Consolidator – you share the discount by matching postcodes. Our tailored, white paper solution also saves you money because there’s no waste when we only print the number you need. It’s kinder to the planet, too.


With multiple inkjet reel-to-reel printers, on-site engineers, a generator and a back-up site for emergencies, you have the peace of mind that, should the unexpected happen, your mail will be printed.


If your requirements grow, we have the equipment, support and technology in place to quickly respond.

Effective results

Your mail works harder with a touch of colour to enhance your brand presence, thanks to our transpromo expertise.

Client portal

You have complete visibility of your job status, from stock levels to reporting, by simply logging in to our online client platform.

Take a look at our transactional mail capabilities:

“Through using MetroMail we have been able to benefit from many postage discounts, ultimately receiving over £493,010 in postage credits from our direct mail activities alone. The level of service we get from the customer service team is second-to-none and it gives us the extra assurance that our print and fulfilment activities are in good hands.”

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